This script provides methods to arrange layers, keyframes or markers horizontally in the timeline.


  • Move multiple different properties (in & out points, source start, markers, keyframes) independently of each other.
  • Affect properties and keyframes before, after or in range of the scrubber location.
  • Shift with relative or absolute values.
  • Sequence over a specified time using linear, ease in, ease out, ease both. Affect the strength of non linear eases using the expo field.
  • Stagger by a given offset.
  • Randomize with a range.
  • Smart input fields accept values such as: 1s, 1f, 1m, 1h, 1ms and converts accordingly. Default unit is seconds.

Thanks to Gerald Mark Soto for the before, after feature idea.

Please don’t hesitate to suggest new features.

You can get it at aescripts.com/rift.