This script provides methods to manipulate keyframes and property channels precisely in compact UI.


  • A condense and dockable panel the blends in with native After Effects panels.
  • Change the values of multiple keyframes and property channels simultaneously.
  • Precisely modify values with relative or absolute values.
  • Copy the value of selected keyframes or from current time.
  • Save the current state of the UI for use later.
  • Generate multiple new keyframes with new values already set.
  • Treat position properties that have been separted as one keyframe.
  • Affect only specifed axes in properties that have multiple dimensions.
  • Change the speed and influence of keyframes.
  • Modify the spatial interpolation of keyframes.
  • Optional multiply the length of default tangent handle.
  • Quickly set roving and hold keyframes.
  • Smart input fields accept values such as: 1in, 1ft, 1cm, 1mm, 1% and converts accordingly. Default unit is pixels.

Please don’t hesitate to suggest new features.

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